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Nitipong Law and firm (Visa and Work permit) (Phuket)

Dear Sir and Madam,

Greetings from Nitipong Law Office.

We are pleased to present our proposal to offer our services such as:

Work Permit in Thailand.

-Business Consulting
-License of Business
-Commercial Registration
-Partnership Registration.
-Company Limited Registration.
-Accounting Service
-School and Tutor.

Application all types of visa in Thailand.

-Visa Education 1 Year.
-Visa Business 1 Year.
-Non-Immigrant Visa.
-Visa Retirement 1 Year.
-Visa Family.
-Company Setup(1 Million Capital)
-Company Setup(2 Million Capital)
-Increase Capital
-Decrease Capital(1 Million Capital)
-Close Company/Liquidation
-Director Modifification(Enter)
-Director Modification(Resign)
-Director Authority Modification Registration
-Address Modification Registration(In Phuket)
-Increase Branch Registration(In Phuket)
-Seeking address for company setup(yearly)
-Regulation Modification Registration
-Objective Modification Registration
-Company's name modification registration.
-Providing company's Director (monthly/person)
-Providing shareholder modification registration
-Minute Meeting preparing
-Document duplication service
-Accounting Service-depend on the volume of work(monthly)
-Check-up accounting transaction.
-Check tax invoice/Document preparing/submit VAT
-Verify/Check/Submit withholding tax
-Submit Social Security
-Check/Submit corporate income tax (half year)PNDS1
-Advice for account preparing(monthly) (NO VAT registration)
-Prepare/submit corporate income tax(year ended)Por.ngor.dor50 including submit balance sheet and profit and loss account to department of business development
-Requesting for tax identification number
-Consulting and planning on taxation/check up taxation.
-Vat registration
-Special business tax registration
-VAT modification registration
-Special bussiness tax registration
-Price starting for monthly accounting service Including accounting check-up per month.

Work Permit

-Work Permit (No have Non-B)
-Work Permit- (Have Non-B)
-Non-B(outside Thailand)
-Renew work permit (1 year)


-Work Permit (No have Non-B)
-Work Permit- (Have Non-B)
-Non-B(outside Thailand).
-Renew work permit (1 year)

-Job changing
-Add job
-work relocation
-Add place of work
-Changing address


-Visa 1 year (Busiiness)
-Non-O visa 3 months (Phuket,show money)
-Student Visa (1 year , every 3 month pay 5,000 at immigration)
-Follower Visa
-Re-entry (Multiple)
-Visa run(Penang Van+hotel)


-General assigning authority
-Assinging authority for buy and sell land
-Preparing contract on property
-Preparing employment contract
-Preparing Long-term lease contract
-Preparing signature and document certify.
-Preparingregulation in the work
-Translation (per page)
-Alchohol and Cigarette license
-Social security fund and workmen compensation registration
-Food selling license
-Preparing Will
-Applying insurance for assets
-Applying car insurance
-Applying individual insurance
-Preparing document for bank loan
-Providing contractor and engineer on building liscense
-Consulting service

Law service and conduct a case all over Thailand.

-Criminal case
-Civil case.

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