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Pizzeria Hut 1, Soi Sansabai, Patong (PH1) (Phuket)


I think we should start posting our more pleasant experiences with some of the Island's restaurants.

I'm going to start. I'd heard that the PH1 had been rated very highly in Tripadvisor, and having been disappointed in the quality and value-for-money categories of pizza purveyors, thought I'd check it out. I'd tried Leo and Mas wood-fired Italian Pizzas the week before and they were very reasonably priced and several levels above my previous Phuket pizza experiences, but PH1 lived up to the hype and totally blew them away.
The pizzas are wood-fired and come in 10"and 12" sizes. There was regular or stuffed crust, a wide selection of menu pizzas, easily customisable if desired. I had a make-your-own (MYO) '12" stuffed crust' variety of olives, chili (free seasoning), oregano (free)anchovies, garlic (free), fresh basil (free) and pepperoni. My friend had the regular menu-listed 12" 'stuffed crust' that was basically a 'meat lovers' + garlic.

The pizzas came out in reasonable time and looked and tasted delicious, with the subtle but authentic elements of fresh yeasty dough (a sure indicator of dough being made that day) and wood-fired accents. The bases were traditionally thin and the crusts were huge, fluffy and tasty with the melted cheese inside (no chance of throwing the crust to the side of the plate here) . Both of us had trouble finishing them, my friend an Irishman decided to finish the whole thing and felt he had eaten too much once finished. I knew I was beaten and elected to have my final 2 pieces boxed for takeaway. We both washed our pizzas down with a large bottle of Chang (B100 each). My friend's 'menu' pizza was B380, and my MYO pizza came to B520 as I had ordered 3 extra toppings. So we both had a big feed and beer for a total of B1100.

There was a wide selection of wines, Italian (including Chianti) and others, the toilets were clean, the waitstaff were polite and efficient, plenty of ceiling fans to keep cool, a CCTV monitor showing the chefs making the pizzas in the kitchen. The menu included dozens of Italian dishes apart from pizzas, including lasagne and other pastas, and also dozens of local thai dishes as well. The restaurant was constantly filled and everyone seemed to be enjoying their meals.

The only thing that might have added to the ambience, would have been a little rustic Italian music and you could have had a mild sensation of being in Italy :P

A couple could 'rock up' and be seated soon enough, but larger groups should book ahead. I'd estimate total capacity to be in the order of 50 diners. Rating: ***** Good value, good food, good ambience, good service, clean facilities.

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