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Potential Phuket Move

Hi all!

My wife and 5-month old daughter and I currently live in Hong Kong but are considering a potential move to Phuket. We have visited before and loved it, but of course are aware that living in a place like Phuket must be quite different to visiting for a holiday. We are planning to visit again in mid-November, and would like to use a bit of our time while there to get more of a feel for how it would be to live there longer-term. While we would be open to potential Phuket-based employment, current plans would be more to use Phuket as a base for online and/or remote work - which if I understand correctly should mean that visas are not too difficult.

I'm hoping to get some advice from this wonderful group on a) how would you recommend we go about this - what should we see / do to give ourselves a good idea of whether Phuket is for us; b) would be great to meet a couple of people with young kids who live in Phuket, believe this would be best way to get true perspective.

Thanks in advance!


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