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The Do's & Don'ts of Teaching a Teen to Drive. Wha (Pittsburgh)

Getting to drive is an essential milestone for many youngsters, signalling the start of a new degree of freedom. Although some mothers have difficulty teaching a new driver, it’s possible to help teens gain their license by giving reassurance and advice. Here are a few tips for getting the event educational and fun.
Get car insurance.
Although many drivers know that new drivers are still practicing, students may be held responsible if an event occurs. Contact your support provider and add auto coverage for your teen driver so that the system can cover any unexpected damage.
Practice in vacant areas.
Start training on traffic-free back roads and empty parking lots. Being away from other cars helps new operators build trust without other motorists stopping with their lessons. Slowly introduce busier streets, higher speed limits, and fuller parking lots as your teen's abilities grow.
Panic or criticise.
Any new drivers may need time to develop their faith behind the wheel as they develop their skills. Easily identify areas of change without focusing on the possible dangers. For example, if they’re driving slightly over the speed limit or aren’t using turn signs, point out the error and remind them to follow the rules next time.
Model poor driving behavior.
You're your teen's mentor and role model, so follow proper road etiquette and good driving habits, even in the rider seat. Instill courtesy for other motorists, like signalling when switching lanes and waving in gratitude when merging.

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