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3G mobile Vs tablets option in Montenegro (Podgorica)

Hi Everyone
In your experience, what is the best way to set oneself up with internet and mobile in MonteN. especially for when on the go?
I'm thinking... when I move to Budva in October, I'll just get a pay-as-you-go basic local mobile deal and use a UK baught tablet e.g. Asus Memo Pad HD 7 (to be available to buy in the UK in August) for internet browsing, apps use etc using only wifi (at home and when out and about) i.e. free of charge. That way I reckon is the cheapest in the long run - would you agree? My other uncertainty is - would a UK bought tablet work properly over there?
I'd be grateful for any advice, suggestions etc
Thank you kindly for your time - and as always look forward to meeting you when there
Maja :-)

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