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Cost of living vs. pay? (Podgorica)


i dont know what you guys are doing for life, probably each person is doing something different. i've been offered a job as an editor in montenegro, and i've serious qualms about it. job itself sounds fine, however:

- working hours, Protected content with 1hr break. is that even legal? within the EU the working week can be only -up- to 40 hours per week, 8 hours daily (and this includes a 20mins break too, something most people forget). montenegro is not a part of the EU (right? o.o i could have missed that, but i don't think so), so what are their laws on that, anyone knows?

- pay, as it pays a whopping Protected content in the first 3mt trial period (and provides a furnished and fully paid for apartment for another Protected content , and Protected content the trial period, although then i'd need to pay for that Protected content aparment myself, essentially leaving me with a Protected content pay. isn't it like very little even for montenegro?

- costs. how much does a cheapest bottle of wine cost? or a gym membership? is the internet reliable? (it's budva we're talking here).

i kind of have a signing up a contract with the devil feeling here. is it just me or is this really a sucky deal?

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