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Please take only "official" taxis in Podgorica !

Podgorica boasts some of the cheapest and best taxis on earth !

Most of the taxis are operating through "official" stations. The cars are reasonably good and they have a proper meter, and the prices you will have to pay are ridiculously low !

Unfortunately, there are more than a few so-called "private taxis" that are not operating through a station... They charge whatever they feel like, and some of them have meters that are designed to make the price go up EXTREMELY fast... Do not let them to literally take you for a ride...

FYI: A taxi ride from Podgorica's airport to the centre of town should not be more than Euro Protected content , if you take an "official" taxi, with a proper meter, while a drive from the Central bus station or Railway station to the centre of town should not be more that one euro !!!

How would you know what an "official taxi" looks like ? Easy ! They have the station's name, logo and phone number all over the door, clear and bold !

There is also a tariff chart on the dashboard.

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