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visit the art exhibition in Tivat - till July, 26 (Podgorica)

you have two more days to visit the art exhibition by Jovana Tomanovic that is open at the Muzej i Galerija Tivat.

The exhibition is located on the first floor in a new space open for the gallery use, Trg Kulture 4, Tivat.

The Italian-Serbian artist is in town for a week and you can get in touch with her directly via whatsapp Protected content , call Protected content email: Protected content

Paintings are on sale directly. Might be a prefect match in your Montenegreian houses!

As from the catalogue, the artist says:

I loved watercolours since I was 2 years old, when I was painting in Belgrade surrounded by family and friends. I started taking professional art classes at age of 9 in Moscow where we had moved to at the time. Life took me to Milano, where I attended the Art Lycée and then graduated later on from the Fine Arts Academy with both a bachelor and a master in [Arts].

So, as you can see, my life from early days, has been a mix of travel and art, supported by my family and guided by the love for nature and freedom, extreme sports, high speed and balanced by focus and concentration. All my experiences, the cultures and traditions I have live in, have helped me developed a strong character but a very gentle soul. My work exhibits this powerful dualism, they also represent the male and female side of life.

This series of works have been painted between various studios, Milan and Bovec, Pietrasanta and Monza between Protected content 2018. The Julian Alps landscape inspired the series. I found peace, the open space and separation I needed in the high mountains during my hikes. It gave me time to think, to feel the nature, to see every single blade of grass and to welcome the butterflies and insects that were exposed to my soul and my skin. If you have the fortune to see the artworks in person, the big dimensions might draw you inside this Rabbit Hole Wonderland. If it doesn’t happened, you would see in front of you two themes: wild grass and giant butterflies.

Nature brings different sets of sensations to everyone. Art does same. So this will also happen with my paintings, when, based on your emotions, on outside light and different life moments, my art will also change in your eyes. Every day you will discover new details that surprise you and reflect your way of life.

In this series I have used a classical and elegant oil painting technique that makes you discover the picture day by day deeper. Same for the more recent tempera paintings, where a more rough and more contemporary approach is used. Taking a few steps back, mentally separating myself from the works, I also see in this series a representation of a profound and energetic approach to the everyday chaos.

Instagram link for more pictures: Protected content

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