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Giovanni Gallo
"For an expat like me, InterNations is the perfect place to meet and connect with like minded people in Kiev. "
Samantha Greene
"After moving to Kiev, I did not only get tips from other expats in Ukraine, but also from locals willing to help newcomers."

Living in Poltava

Poltava is quite literally ‘The city where people want to live’. Expats living in Poltava can experience a quaint European city with a touch of contemporary life. The city is located in central Ukraine and sits on the bank of the Vorskla river. Places of intrigue include the Poltava battle history museum, the five-domed city cathedral, which was dedicated to the Exaltation of the Cross and many historical and religious sites scattered around the city. The city is a hub of railway links and crossroads, connecting it with other major cities within the Ukraine and its neighboring countries. Ukraine holds a strong sporting interest, with soccer as its primary passion. The two main teams located within Poltava are Vorskla Poltava and FC Poltava, both in differing leagues but equally exciting to watch. Although different from the main sports of America, the locals passion for soccer will leave any expatriate completely engrossed and involved. If ever unsure on what to do, InterNations has a variety of different forums and groups discussing sports and leisure, arts and entertainment and lifestyle and fashion, and more, allowing you to get in touch with fellow expats in Poltava and across the globe with whom you can socialize, network, and exchange information.

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Moving to Poltava

Before moving to Poltava, it is very beneficial and appreciated by the locals to attempt to learn Ukrainian and/or Russia to at least some extent, even if many of its citizens speak English at an at least some rudimentary level. Not only will this help you integrate into your new society more easily, but it will also aid in your search of jobs. Learning to read Cyrillic, the alphabet used in both Russian and Ukrainian, will also help in this transition. InterNations’ Expat Magazine features articles on cross-cultural communication which may help you if Ukrainian doesn’t come to you naturally. It also includes various articles on living abroad, expat experiences, culture shock, and more to prepare you for your relocation. Apartments are easy to locate and rent within Poltava, with a large renting culture and plenty of websites catered to finding the perfect place. Expatriates moving to Poltava will be glad to hear that apartments are usually reasonably priced, of good quality and can be found both in and around town. Although some properties are advertised to buy, the general impression of advertisement is that renting appears to be easier and more common, especially for expats living in Poltava.

Working in Poltava

Poltava is lucky to be home to a hard-working and disciplined work force with plenty of job opportunities available. Job vacancies in Poltava are advertised for various different roles including teaching, accounting, medicine and HR among many others. The jobs available in the Ukraine are very similar to those advertised in America or the UK. Typical working class jobs such as truck drivers, hairdressers and chefs can be difficult to come by as there are an abundance of Ukrainian citizens ready to fill these roles. However, if you are able to come to Poltava with a skill set that is required to fill economic gaps in the market, then you should find it easy to find a job suitable for your role. InterNations is a community which will allow you to build your life in Poltava, enabling you to meet, socialize and get in touch with a variety of other expats living within the same city and across the globe.

Giovanni Gallo
"For an expat like me, InterNations is the perfect place to meet and connect with like minded people in Kiev. "
Samantha Greene
"After moving to Kiev, I did not only get tips from other expats in Ukraine, but also from locals willing to help newcomers."