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Qs on: german schooling, visa, accomm. (Porto Alegre)

I'm new in Porto Alegre. As a matter of fact, I will be on/off, on a series of monthly university research visits.
I hold a dual Greek and Belgian citizenship, and have spent quite a few years in Germany, hence I'm interested in events within these Protected content , as a matter of fact.

I'm wondering if you could help with 3 things, basically:

1) I'm considering bringing along my 9-year old son, in one of my future visits (each meant to last one month, in principle). I would like to enrol him in an international school, and ideally a german-speaking school (as he currently attends the German School in Athens), during this stay; or, a summercamp for kids, in some sort, depending on the visit's timing in the year. I haven't been able to find such a school in PoA: any advice? I'd go for a German school at the first instance. My son speaks fluent Greek and German, and good English, in fact, but no Portuguese.
Further info of the sort, e.g. german- or english-speaking camps or activities for kids are welcome.

2) I have a 90-days tourist visa, at the moment, starting date 9 March '14. I am leaving on 7 April, but plan to come back 3 May Protected content (before the 90-day period expires). Is this allowed, with a tourist visa? (All I've succeeded in finding online is a rule of the sort: "limit of 90 days not to be exceeded within any Protected content period" on a tourist visa; nothing else.) Is this OK?

3) Last but not least, they say: looking for an apartment to (sub-)rent, in May (dates above): reasonable price, good quality internet and car space a must. Any suggestion?

Thanks in advance,


PS. Feel free to contact me directly, via yannis_kourakis (at) yahoo (dot) com.

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