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Audiovisual (Porto)

I'm a peruvian producer that wanna start to live in Europe since october/november.
I wanna search for a job since now to have the time to make all my legal papers with the embassy and have all the permissions without problems.
I worked and work in many projects in my country for photos, radio, tv spots, tv shows, short films and films. For peruvian and international channels like Discovery, Space, Disney, ARTE, RAI, etc.
My big skills are in head producer, line producer, production management, production coordinator, location manager/location scout, first/second director assistant, and script supervisor.
I speak spanish, english, a little of french (I must to remembered it because until 8 years ago I spoken perfectly french).
If you have connections with audiovisual people or companies that are interested in work with international people, let me know, I will be so glad. I have my CV in english if somebody need it also.
Thanks so much!

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