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looking for a job in real estate, Portugal ? (Porto)

As if it were unveiled yesterday from the unknown, Portugal has suddenly been in everyone's mind, be it for it's scores in football, its traditional Fado and award winning music, for welcoming his Holiness the Pope in the pilgrims' sanctuary of Fátima, for being among the top 3 most peaceful countries, for its very diverse and astonishing landscape, for its excellent food and admiration deserving wine, for its friendly and welcoming population...

And Portugal is so now high in demand by tourists and expats from all over the world, retired people looking for a safe haven to enjoy life, young entrepreneurs eager to open or take over an existing business, businessmen and also investors, to.make the most of the inevitably rising prices in real estate and tourism.

Are you one of them too ?

Would you like to help all these newcomers from abroad, find their dream home, their ideal spot for their souvenirs and handmade crafts shop, their old house to refurbish and transform into a hostel, their well located piece of land to build their most exotic villa ?

If you speak several languages, these will most certainly be helpful here.

You do not need to start from scratch and have all the headachescand paperwork to set up your business as a real estate agent or even agency, and yet here is an opportunity to have your financial independence while still enjoying the freedom to make your own agenda and combine with your private life as you need, in way above usual conditions for this business.

Please get in touch via private message and I will tell you ore about this rare opportunity. All regions and abroad accepted.

Welcome to Portugal !

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