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"Petiscos" in Porto

Hello everyone. Hoping the port wine post was of of any use to anyone, today I'll leave a consideration on "petiscos". Because I saw the "Venham mais 5" event this month (that I regret I can't participate because I'll still be in Malawi, then), it made me remind that specially expatriates would like to know of other places. I confess that "Venham mais 5" is one of my favorites... :)

I know this ain't much of an example but Google translates "petiscos" as: snacks, nibbles, appetizers or tidbits. They're basically cooked food that you're served to keep you entertained (specially your eyes and belly), while you wait for the main course.

More and more people are preferring to have a meal of different tastes and flavors rather than a big meal of the same taste. Also indicated for those who want just a little something for the next couple of hours when that "little mouse scratching your stomach", this is where the petiscos come in.

Porto has a wide variety of petiscos houses. Usually each house will have its specialty - something that pleases a lot of people. Not saying the other petiscos are better or worse, they're just famous in some houses. In a different perspective, if you think you can taste the all the best petiscos in only one or two houses, it's very unlikely that it'll happen.

So I decided to share with you, in my opinion, the most complete list of petisco houses in Porto. All you have to do is follow this link:

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Here you'll find lots of places in Porto and in different locations that will suit you wherever you go.

Feel free to add replies on petiscos you really enjoyed and where, so that others can go as well.

Final thought: petiscos ARE GREAT but they aren't that light or healthy food, so don't forget to exercise. :)

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