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So small, and yet so immensely vast (Porto)

For those, like me, who love food and wine, Portugal is the country to visit or to live in. The constant increase of low cost aerial companies from and to Porto and Lisbon is a consequence of a more globalized thought that Portugal IS indeed a great country to visit or live in.
But let's talk about food. Today I was browsing some news and I saw this report from Paul Ames, from CNN about this subject. Many, many more can be found in the internet.

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Personally, I could add Protected content more just thinking of Porto and North of Portugal, but I'm not selfish and the whole of Portugal deserves the visit. Cuisine is so different across this Protected content of country. Portugal is small in measures but the types of cuisine in different regions are so vast. You can really travel across Portugal by car in about 5 hours drive, but for us, Portuguese, we think: "Why on Earth would you want to do that?"
Taking into consideration that you would be missing so many restaurants, pubs, inns, bars, cafes, where you can have a heavenly meal, worthy of the Gods, it would be folly to do just that.
From the coast line to interior, you’ll always find tasty, different and appetizing local traditional dishes. The hard question is where you will have that mean. If you didn’t have the time to research, Trip Advisor, The Fork, Zomato, and other apps, can be helpful, but they’re also very tricky. Many people just send their opinions regardless of the quality of the food quality or the wines list.
There are many types of publicity. In fact we’re daily bombarded with so much of it that we don’t believe advertisers any more. We only trust, trustworthy people.
My best advice is to ask people who work for firemen, police, or city hall what are the best places to go eat some nice homely made traditional food. They’ll suggest A, B and C. So insist and ask, “But which one would YOU choose?”, and you’ll get D and E replies. Whoa! Where did these come from? These are the well kept secrets of Portugal, trust me.
I’ve already had the opportunity to share some of these places in Porto. I’ll try to find some time to share some in Portugal in the near future.
For now that’s all. Cheers everyone.

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