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Violin lessons for all ages&levels (Porto)

I am an expat in Porto, a violinist, and I give violin lessons to many people with many different wishes. I have a classical music degree and spend some years in Amsterdam learning jazz violin from some of the best jazz cats. Some of my students like to improvise for themselves, some wants to learn specific songs that they really want to play with their friends. Some wanted to go for an academical education and needed to learn the basics for the entrance auditions, and with others we worked on their song writing skills.

So, in short, I can shape the lessons around what you wish to do.

But two things are important for me; a healthy posture (so that one never gets tired) and a conscious ear to enjoy music. For this I teach briefly the western classical music history and various music genres which are using the violin as one of their major instrument.

Even if you only have a couple of favorite pieces from your favorite composers for now, you will have plenty at the end!

It is never too early or too late to start to play an instrument. Even violin!
All ages have their unique advantages during a learning process. Besides discovering what are your advantages during our lessons, we figure out together for you how to spend the most productive and also fun time possible with your instrument. Because if learning violin is a hobby for you, then you must be enjoying each moment of it. And if playing the violin will become your profession, then you must definitely enjoy it, since you will spend the rest of your life with it. :)

Do ask any questions you have via Protected content and check my portfolio out at !


Esin Yardımlı Alves Pereira

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