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We are looking for retailer/ distributor (Porto)

Portuguese gourmet and increasingly rare products.

We are looking for retailer/ distributor

Founded in Protected content kept in the family generation after generation, the canned fish factory Pinhais & C.ª Lad., is internationally recognized for producing the best and rare (*) handmade canned fish in Portugal and in the world ever since.

A selection of the best sardines pilchardus (**), mackerel and horse mackerel, fished in Portuguese territorial waters, are hand gutted and cooked out of the can with fresh and natural products without preservatives and colourings. From the pure olive oil, juicy tomatoes, to the stimulating spicy sauces, the old recipes handmade by a team passionate about keeping the tradition, guarantee to get to your table the purest flavours that the sea has to offer.

The continued commitment to quality and food safety of our products is demonstrated by the obtainment of important production and quality management certificates, based on the IFS Food standard, with a 99.12% and the MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) certification for the sustained management in the production and the commercialization of Portuguese sardine products.

With 95% of production for exportation, it is the preferred brand in the demanding gourmet markets of the USA, France, Austria, Germany, Hungary, Philippines, Israel, Netherlands Antilles, among others.

(*) Due to the sardine pilchardus fishing restrictions on the Portuguese coast, is Increasingly rare to find this fish, so, most canned fish factories use sardines fished and frozen in Morocco that has a different taste.
(**)Sardine pilchardus, Scomber Japonicus, Scomber Scombrus and Trachurus trachurus.

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