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Classical Guitar Concert Offer (Prague)

Hello everyone, my name is Ricardo and I am Mexican classical guitarist, now i'm in Mexico City but I am writing this because I'll be in Prague all August and I'm very interested to play one or more concerts in the city, this is why now i write this asking for the possibility to organize any of these concerts somewhere it deems appropriate for such an event or if you know people who might be interested in this musical meeting i'll appreciate so much your help.

If anyone is interested I could send you a resemblance of my career and supporting documents that can prove my professionalism. The only thing needed is a place for a recital and people who want to listen some Latin American music for guitar, I have a great desire to share again the music that I have to many people as possible. I´ll be in Prague all August except 10 to 13th.

Anyway, apart from this, i really love to know new people and share experences, so if anyone is interested and free in august we can share some beers or coffee and talk. I'm trying to learn czech and i can share some spanish things.

Thank you and best regards.


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