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Czech drivers' licence? Getting scared!! (Prague)


Hi guys!

Have any of you Aussies got experience with getting a Czech drivers' licence??

I'm an Aussie who has been living in Czech for 10 years, and I just realised that my Aussie licence expires next week (17.2. Protected content . I didn't get a Czech licence when I arrived to Czech (it's a long story) and today, I visited the local transporation office where they told me that I can't simply swap my Aussie licence for a Czech licence - I need to GO TO DRIVING SCHOOL and complete all of the tests!!! Well, that was a surprise!

Do any of you have experience with this? Is there any way to avoid it??? I looked at the online tests and they are really hard!! (difficult driving knowledge level AND Czech language level)

So I'm getting scared now...could you please advise me what I should do??

Thanks so much!


PS I emailed the Aussie transporation office last week and they said that I can't extend OR renew my Australian licence because I'm not a resident of Australia! (I thought I was!) HELP!!

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