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Czechs vs. Expats Football Tournament (Prague)


Me and a group Czech friends are organizing a football (soccer) tournament called "Czechs vs. Expats". We see this as a good chance to participate in a multicultural sport event, have fun and share with locals and expats a common interest... and of course lots of beers at the end!

The basic structure would like this: 4 teams in each group; total of 8 teams with a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 8 players; elimination round and a final match with the winners of each group. It would be for about 6 hours at a football pit in central Prague around mid November.

The idea is still in development, but we need to start getting a feeling from the Expats community. If you have an interest and want more information, please post it together with your questions or contact me. We hope to have a complete program later next week.


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