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English speaking attorney (family law) (Prague)

I'm not a Czech citizen, my late husband was a Czech national, but been leaving as a Permanent Resident for the past 40 yrs in South Africa. Last year when he passed away, my life became a nightmare, 3 yrs ago we sold a flat in South Africa, use my own saving, my 19 yrs old son's saving, sold my personal car, borrowed money from my house mortgage, borrowed from our business to buy 2 plots in Czech Republic as an investment. With his passing I was the only beneficiary of his will, so I sign a personal liability for his personal debts so the estate could be finalized quickly. My husband has 3 grown up children from his first marriage and 1 son with me that is 19 at present. Now the notary in Prague wants to divide the sale of the plots with my step children, when I leave at present from hand to mouth, since then I had to rent my home to have a small income, in my age is not been easy to find a job, close the business that provide us an income, since my husband was the only person that was qualified to do the work, my son had to stop studying because I could not afford to pay the tuition of his school and I still have lot of debts to pay. I have sent e-mails to the notary but for any reason that I don't understand she does not reply to my e-mails and I don't know what else to do. Can any one help with advise or where to go to get help.

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