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Gaining employment in Prague


I am looking for job opportunities in Europe (Prague at the moment) and am in need of advice as to the most effective way(s) to land employment. I don't currently have a working visa and currently live Vancouver, British Columbia Canada and am a full Canadian citizen. I am looking at moving to Prague (or other parts of Europe) in hopes of working full-time in a professional career. I have 3+ years experience in sales, marketing, management, inventory & procurement and 5+ experience in the food & beverage industry ( Protected content )

I graduated from the University of Northern British Columbia in Protected content my earning my Bachelor of Commerce Degree ( Protected content ) to go with two other previously earned diplomas in Marketing management ( Protected content ) and Hospitality Administration ( Protected content ). English is my main, and only language.

I am wondering if it is best to just chose a country/city (Prague in this case) and then gain a working visa and move there with the hopes of finding professional work, or is it best to try and land work first and get the appropriate paperwork after (visa)? Any advice on finding roles in Prague or other parts of Europe would be greatly appreciated. Please send any advice my is more than welcome. Thanks.:)

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