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Green Card Application (Type A) (Prague)

Hi there,

I'm a little confused about the process involved with a Green Card application in the Czech Republic. Obviously, the application requires a relevant job offer (such as those listed on MPSV), but is this applied for AFTER conditional acceptance by the employer (through contacting them privately) or merely as a prospective candidate?

If it's the latter (which is how I understood it to be) - What if you wanted to apply for more than the one position? Would you need to fill out multiple applications when sending to the Czech Embassy? What are you supposed to list as your Czech address when you have no formal residence in the country?

Also, I read somewhere that once a job offer is open to Green Card applicants, the employer must accept the FIRST candidate that meets all stated requirements (as opposed to comparing the CVs of all those they received)? Is this true?

Sorry for the plethora of questions, but I'm interested to get more info about this.

Thanks! :)

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