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Job for a young man (Prague)

Last year I lost my husband, I was left with properties in Prague, lots of problems, since my husband and I was permanent resident in South Africa for many years. So we leave according with the law of the place where we paid our taxes, earn our money with lots of handwork. I was left without any money but properties and a business that was not able to curry on trading since my husband was the brain of the service provider and maintenance. Now my son was 18, studying in Prague, since then he had to stop study because I could not afford to pay the fees, so he went to work at Hard Rock Cafe, to try to survive. He is now 19, I still busy with notary in Prague, very complicated story. My son done few courses in IT, like A+, N+, MCSE, but he cannot find jobs since he doesn’t have experience, and still completing his high school by correspondence. How can such young person gain experience if the market doesn't give opportunities? If anyone understand my situation, please give advice, I don't know what to do anymore, I have to go back to South Africa soon and breaks my heart to see my soon in such frustrating situation. He is such bright young man, such fast learner, hard worker. I cannot imagine that this world is not in need of such person in a work environment. He goes for interview and always gets a no for the lack of experience; in our business we gave so many opportunities for the young ones and the majority of the cases paid back big time.

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