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My Experience in Czech! (Prague)

SO, I finally had some free time to keep calm and love myself yet again, then I decided to give Czech a chance, the first city I saw was Pardubice, well, the buildings were still old fashioned, Yet I must commend the clean environment and nice attitude locals wore on their face(s). OK.. so that was nice and I decided to see the much talked about ~ Prague.. so this time I took the train ,and as I walked into the city for the very first time , the first building was some offering all sorts of imaginable , unimaginable, terrain pleasures. well, I wasn't in it for that, then it dawned on me prague is actually a very multi cultural city. I met a lot of coloured skin guys trying to convince me on whatever they are selling out on the street, and spoke to a lot of people when I used the public transport system like the tram, bus, and otherwise, I would say a good percentage of female locals are Russians ,and the Romanians, which apparently It wasn't like dope to me. if u exclude probably the born and raised ceskys (hope that's the word) well, Enjoyed the meals ,local and international.. abit different from the usual...liked the friendly people ,saw your clean old fashioned town, cruised your sight inspiring views, landscapes ...Had fun in here! Ok...thought I do share my 1crown thought and a slice of my total experience! I probably visit again sometime!

Btw I probably will like to meet some friends on internations when next I visit !

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