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Prague or Brno...

I'm inching closer to agreeing a deal on a transfer to Czech Republic with my employer (we currently live in Paris). We've got a difficult dilemna though. As background my wife is Czech, I'm English and my two young children aged almost 2 and 4 speak mostly English but understand Czech. One of the reasons we are looking at Czech Republic is that my wife would love to live nearer her mother. Her mother lives in Novy Jicin, in the East of Czech Republic. My employer has its head office split between central Brno and central Prague and initially told me they wanted me to be based in Brno but have now given me the choice of Prague or Brno. Brno seems like a nice option as its a smaller city, less crowded, nature on the doorstep (which we love), cheaper place to live, only 1.5 hours from my wifes family, closer to Austrian ski areas (our winter passion). But then Prague seems like a nice option as more going on and easier for the expat side of the family (me), easier for my family to get to from UK, far higher quality housing options, more choice of schools and we could choose an international school fully funded by my employer whereas in Brno the options are so limited we would send our kids to state Czech school. But the downsides of Prague are its 4 to 5 hours from my wife's parents so contact will be less frequent and its a very busy big city. Really changing my mind daily on this one! What would you do?

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