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Registration in Czech Republic (Prague)

Hi All,

A few months ago I bought an house in Czech Republic and move to here. There I like to live here permanent I need to register myself on this address by the foreign police. I searched information about this on the internet and I already find some papers to fill in but there still some things what are unclear for me.

One of the requirements to register is to sign up for an Health Insurance. I called VZP for this but now I'm not sure about the fact I need a Private of Public health insurance and what the foreign police want's to see on the proof of insurance. Did somebody have some idea about this? By the private insurance company the people are speaking English very well but on the public company there only Czech speaking persons.... I'm just started to learn Czech language so this isn't easy to communicate.

Advice of VZP is to took some Czech speaking person with me what is well educated and speaking with Plzen accent. I think that the most people on our village have just a basic education so it isn't easy to find someone who can help with this.

Is there someone who can help me with this or give me advice?

I'm well willing to pay compensation for good help with this.

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