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RSVPs for Events - PLEASE READ (Prague)

Hello Prague Community,

Just as a courtesy for those who plan events and post on the events board, DO NOT RSVP if you are "maybe" thinking of attending. Event planners put a lot of time, thought, and preparation into the events posted here and arrange with venues according to the number of confirmed participants.

Originally we had 24 confirmations for the event yesterday evening and only 15 people ended up showing (including a few friends of mine who decided to come last minute at my encouragement who are not yet members of InterNations). By the end of the night, everyone ended up chipping in about twice as much money as they had originally bargained for (event charge was Protected content and some people were paying up to Protected content each for the night to cover the costs). I would like to sincerely thank these members for contributing extra to finance the evening, but this shouldn't have to happen.

I enjoy providing a variety of events which sometimes include a meal or canapes, or services that cost extra in advance, but I will no longer do this if I cannot inherently trust this community to respond accurately to an event invitation. I am afraid that through the "virtual" world we are able to hide behind our profiles and computer screens without much accountability, especially if we have not met all of those involved, but please know that you are adversely affecting those who truly value these kinds of events and interactions with other expats in Prague.

Please do not make us have to pay the price again.

Thank you all for your cooperation and assistance going forward. And a very special thank you again to those who contributed extra for some members' lack of foresight and judgment.


Jen Fry
InterNations Prague Ambassador
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