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Temporary Housing Costs in Prague...

Good and a fantastic afternoon. I am looking to do some extended 3 to 4 week stays in Prague over the next few months, most likely 2 and then shift to Croatia or Sicily in the winter. So I am wondering what a nice studio or two room flat would be in Prague, 1 to 2 km from around the old town city is and with some restaurants and pub available within the neighborhood. I am looking to do some extended stays, up to 4 weeks over the next year or so.

I was in Prague a couple of weeks ago over Easter weekend and decided I want to spend more time there and explore the city and area my grandmother was born in. I have a flexible work schedule back in Denmark and want to take advantage of it to expand my experience of living in Europe again and I would like to take Czech lessons, I hardly remember anything I know from my childhood.

What I can pay is flexible, and I would like to find a location where parking is available or included in the rental costs. I am really only familiar with Danish and German rental costs, and not sure how the rental cost scales would say compare to Central and Aarhus Denmark.

Also, if anyone knows some property managers or similar individuals I could speak with please let me know. Have a fantastic day and thanks in advance for any assistance you can give me.

Best regards,


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