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Tips & Tricks for New Consuls (Prague)

Hello Praguers;

We are in the booming era of Activity Groups in Prague; as the number of the Groups and their Consuls are almost doubled within a year. This is indeed very good news for Albatross members as they can find almost every day another interesting activity to join instead of staying at home and being bored behind computer/television.

On the other hand; the new trend is adding an extra load on the shoulders of the Consuls, especially for those who are aiming sustainable growth. Here are some tips & tricks from my side:

• Take in to account that becoming a Consul requires you to spend more time at the` Offline` side of InterNations. You can/should not remain `Online` only member any more.
• Group_Consul_Manual_v12 is not one time only reading file, keep it somewhere nearby and re-read time by time.
• Understand InterNations concept. Study online information (most of the links can be found at the bottom of the each page, a highlighted dark blue menu: About – Features – Essentials - Community). Do not hesitate to request joining Newcomers`events, you might be a long time member but still can learn a piece of new information during official presentations.
• Keep in mind that you become a face of InterNations especially in the eyes of those who never attended any event/activity before, so, please behave accordingly.

There are several methods to increase number of members in your group. Let`s study through an example, let’s imagine that a Squash group is recently established Protected content

Online Efforts:
1) Search in forums: Protected content word `Squash` in the forums, analyze results and contact members who previously posted about it.
2) Leave a onetime post under Town Talk Protected content about establishment of the group and a direct link to the group page.
3) Search among members within community who indicated interest for Squash Protected content and then contact them one by one.
4) Study Squash groups of other communities, for example switch your community temporary to Munich Protected content Get inspired about their Activities, Wall, Members and contact/connect their Consuls in order to exchange ideas, experiences.

Offline Efforts:
1) Attend events organized by Ambassadors and actives by Consuls. Do not over focus promotion of your group, firstly try to enjoy the spirit of social networking. If you will sincerely enjoy chatting with the people and vice versa, your social network (wealth) will grow, so your group.
2) Word of mouth: Keep in touch with those who have large network and influence. Ambassadors, Consuls as yourself, regular - popular Albatross members might be surprisingly helpful.
3) Do not underestimate/discriminate those who have relatively smaller network, appearances are often deceptive. So, treat others the same way you want to be treated!
4) Bring your non InterNations member friends in to community, but let them register first. An ideal person would be English speaking, Global minded friend of yours. And if s/he is already in to your activity, for example an experienced – skilled Squash player in this particular case, s/he will enjoy to be around like-minded people and meanwhile your group will gain an important member who can create synergy!

Last but definitely not least:
Katie Iannace - Groups Manager who works at InterNations Headquarter in Munich and her fantastic team are at your service via Protected content . Any questions about your group or whenever you need support such as obtaining extra material about reducing no shows, getting started, inviting friends, etc... do not hesitate to contact them.

Good luck.

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