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Video Editor needed for socially relevant project (Prague)

I have a script, recorded voices, photos and assorted links to be shaped into a compelling 4 minute video to support a GoFundme campaign to finance the next anthology I want to produce: Essential Americans: the stories that can no longer be ignored. I've published over 25 books, but none so prescient as this while the streets on the other side of the pond erupt. Last promotional video earned $10,500 from which the video editor was paid 10%. I can negotiate something equivalent to the right party. I live in Ceske Budejovice, but will meet in Prague, virus restrictions permitting. email me at Protected content for details and to review script/scope of work.

Here is the text that will accompany the Video on GoFundMe:
New GoFundMe campaign, October, Protected content

“The reason there is evil in the world is that people are not able to tell their stories.”
Protected content Jung
Now is our best chance to change that! Help us publish
Essential Americans:
the stories that can no longer be ignored

What we are seeing on the streets from Portland to Park Avenue are the labor pains of a new dawn in America, of equity, inclusion, and diversity. Let’s birth this baby!

We need financial support and story submissions from every community impacted by our chronic history of oppression—whether systemic, overt or unintended.

Reaching our goal of $6,500 will cover all our print and production costs of our first anthology in this series, and to power up the megaphone to reach the largest possible audience while America is still listening.

Our first collection of your stories and essays will focus on the litany of injustices that have bludgeoned our senses since the killing of George Floyd. Subsequent anthologies will focus on the unique perspectives of each community within the American family still waiting for a seat at the table: you know who they are; you know who you are.
“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” (Maya Angelou)
So, what’s your story?

Hit me up at Protected content for details of how to submit your story, poetry, or essay for consideration, and please contribute what you can towards our goal. If not you…who? If not now…when? Regardless of the amount you donate, in the back of our printed anthologies we’ll add your name and a word of thanks for doing your part, and we’ll send you a copy of Essential Americans: the stories that can no longer be ignored

We need your help to accomplish great things. As Leonard Cohen so poignantly confesses, “I can’t move this thing, alone.”

Help us move this thing. Oh…and save the world!
Thank you.
Thornton Sully.

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