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Childcare and Education in Prague

Many expats dream of living in Prague, and for good reason! Reasonable living costs, excellent international schooling, and a great infrastructure — there’s plenty to make living there attractive. From healthcare to schooling, our guide has all the information that will come in handy for expats living in Prague.
International families in Prague have a number of schools to choose from.

Schooling for Expat Kids

One of the first important decisions expats with children face is what school to pick. While most expats choose to send their kids to private international schools, some opt for a Czech public or private school.

If you are planning to stay in Prague long-term, enrolling your children at a Czech school helps them integrate locally and pick up the language. The fact that university education in the Czech Republic is free for Czech-speaking students also makes it worthwhile for kids to learn the language. The Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sports has further information on this topic.

If your time in Prague is limited and your children will carry on their education elsewhere, it probably makes sense to send them to one of the international schools. Here, they can study in English (or their mother tongue) and follow a curriculum that they will be able to continue back home.

Czech Schools — Quality Education at Low Cost

Public schools in the Czech Republic are free of charge, even for children of temporary residents such as expats. In general, the language of instruction in public schools is Czech only.

However, there are a number of elementary schools in Prague which offer more “alternative” programs and have some experience in working with bilingual or foreign language children. Take a look at Class Acts, a community of parents of bilingual children living in Prague, for more information.

Additionally, there are several private Czech schools which offer bilingual education and are usually much cheaper than the international schools. One of these is the prominent Nový PORG Gymnázium, the first non-state Czech school.

International Schools in Prague

There is a good range of international schools to choose from in the city. The majority teach in English, and schools follow the British, American, Czech or other national curricula. Many also offer the internationally recognized International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma.

The following are some of the most prominent international schools in Prague:

Many expats who send their children to an international school have the costs reimbursed by their employer. This is reflected in the annual tuition fees: depending on the school and grade, they range from 170,000 CZK to 520,000 CZK (7,600 USD to 23,300 USD) a year. If your employer does not compensate you for tuition, the good news is that you may be at the lower end of this scale as you could be eligible for a discount.

Where to Send Your Little Ones

In the Czech Republic, public preschools (mateřské školy) for children aged three to six are part of the educational system and mainly financed by the state. There are moderate fees to be paid by parents for the first two years, but the third and final years are free of charge.

In addition, Prague has an ever-increasing number of private preschools and daycare centers. Most of the international schools listed above have preschool and kindergarten facilities and accept children from the age of two or three onwards. Alternatively, Prague has a several other private international daycare centers, as well as Czech preschools.


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