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Seven Things You Should Check Out in Prague

From colorful architecture to culinary specialties, Prague is a city of true charm. The things that make it worth a visit, though, are the lesser known attractions hidden throughout Prague’s cobblestone streets. Take a walk to find these hidden gems, and you’ll pass by the main tourist spots along the way, still avoiding the long lines and tourist traps. Here are the seven things you should not miss.

1. Catch a Show at the Black Light Theater

Optical illusions, visual tricks, and, of course, awesome light effects might just be the most captivating thing you’ll ever see. A mix between dance and circus, these shows incorporate unique lighting to produce a one-of-a-kind experience. Rumor has it that audience members are spontaneously asked to participate as well.

2. Dine Like a Local at Restaurant Mlejnice

Perhaps most famous for its pork knuckle and pickled cheese, this classic Czech restaurant will give you a true taste of Prague. This cheese, fermented in oil, salt, and spices, is served all around the city as an appetizer. And the pork knuckle? As self-explanatory as it seems, you’ll never know why it’s so popular until you try it yourself. Vegetarians won’t be left hungry! Be sure to order the famous gnocchi with a side of the city’s classic potato salad or grab a pint of Prague’s specialty Pilsner Urquell for just 2 Euros! Just make sure to learn the phrase “Na zdraví” before taking a drink.

3. Stand in a Wormhole of Books at the Idiom Installation

If you have a stack of books at home you say you’ll read but never do, this lesser-known attraction may feel familiar. A jenga-style cylindrical tower of books appears to go on forever. Stand in the center, look upwards, and you’ll either be amazed, dizzy, or a bit of both.

4. Snack on Trdelník While Exploring the Town Square

Trdelník is a typical circle-shaped, hollow dessert native to Prague. The dough is made from traditional recipes and freshly grilled on a charcoal fire, then spun into a twist and sprinkled with sugar. If you want to get fancy, some Trdelník stands even fill this simple dessert with ice cream or decorate it with almonds and chocolate.

5. Visit the Stahov Monestary & Library

If you’re a fan of amazing architecture and some interesting history to go with it, you will love visiting this hidden gem at the top of the hill above the Prague Castle. The monastery houses everything from archeological artifact collections to volumes of books on philosophy, astronomy, and mathematics, and even a brewery with unique flavors of beer. The structure survived the Thirty Years’ War and remains a pilgrimage site still today.

6. Walk the Road Less Travelled at Lenetá Park

Want to see the city but avoid the crowds? Lenetá Park, within walking distance of the main square, offers peaceful paths for walking and biking, and ultimately leads you to a spectacular view of the cityscape. Grab your camera and prepare for a stunning view of the river, bridges, and vast city.

7. Check out an InterNations Event or Activity

From paddle boating and picnicking to karaoke night, nightlife, and everything in between — the InterNations Prague Community has an event for you. Take a chance to make new friends and experience the city like a local. You’ll create memories that last a lifetime!

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