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Documentary and Chat on Farmer Suicides (Pune)

Hey Friends,

Next in our documentary screening series (we call it Brunchcast) is an eye-opening documentary on a very contemporary topic: India's agricultural crisis and farmer suicides (numbering in hundreds of thousands in the last couple decades). It will be screened, this Sunday (18th December) at 10am sharp at Grubshup. The documentary, Nero's Guests ( Protected content ), is a hard-hitting documentary that will surely make us introspect and brainstorm our choices more so that we can make a positive impact on this problem.

As always, we're fortunate to have a very educated and enlightened farmer with us to discuss these issues further and answer all our questions. Dr. Seemantini Pathare, is a highly accomplished gynecologist by training. Having practiced medicine in both India and UK for many years, she returned to her roots and gave it all up to follow her true passion: farming! For the last few years, she has been doing modern farming and horticulture at her farm in Talegaon and is also pursuing traditional organic farming on her virgin forested land in Dapoli. Seemantini faces the harsh economics of farming every day and will help us understand the major issues and economics of how farmers get into trouble.

As always, the cost for all this is Rs. 80 per person which includes Grubshup's much-loved sandwiches and our much-talked-about masala chai. They will be filling enough to meet your Sunday brunch needs. Please note that the money is to cover the venue and food basic cost (not profits), the film is free. This is the only way we can cover our costs so we can continue to organize such events at Grubshup.

These events often fill fast, so please reserve your seats by buying your ticket at Grubshup. If you live far and would like to pay at the event, please let me know in advance so I can keep aside your seats, with the assumption that we will figure out a mutually convenient way for you to pay. You can contact either me (Anil Paranjape, Grubshup, Protected content Shishir Nikam (Black Swan, Protected content reserve your seats (and honor your commitment by showing up on that day :-)

We will be very grateful if you could forward this to your colleagues/friends. More people should see this and understand this issue.

anil paranjape (grubshup) and shishir nikam (black-swan)
karthik natarajan (the 'poster-boy' from black-swan)

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