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Homesick... (Pune)

These days are Chinese holiday that two important festivals of a year and 8 days for holiday. One is China's traditional festival Mid-Autumn Festival on Sep 30(Lunar calendar Aug15) and one is National Day of China on Oct 1.
I have homesick especilly these days. I felf lonely in abroad without family and friens have nothing to celebrate it and to enjoy the holiday even one mooncake...looked at the e-cards that my friends sent to me just made me cry... I felt far away with them and I am so poor in the world of other side...
Maybe same as my friend told me befroe I need time to used to it, but how long? this is the frist festival when I live in unknow city without China. how about next one that's Chinese New Year? ? ?
Missing my family, friends, mooncake... Tianjin of China....

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