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Paul Hinsberger is currently on tour in India from the USA facilitating workshops on Shamanism and will be conducting a workshop in Pune 22 & 23rd February Protected content .
If you are in the healing profession or want to learn and experience new techniques in healing the body, mind and spirit then join him for this wonderful opportunity of learning about powerful Shamanic techniques.
Paul has just completed sold out workshops in Mumbai and Delhi and it is a great pleasure to have him here in Pune sharing his work.


Shamanism is the most ancient form of healing, practiced by humans world wide.
Through a change in consciousness, Shamans enter “non ordinary” reality to request healing and advice from compassionate animals, humans and other spirits.
Spiritual healing is complementary to modern medicine, therapy and training. Often it is the missing link, the wind in the sails that allows healing, recovery and training to rapidly progress.
Shamanism refers to a range of traditional beliefs and practices concerned with communication with the spirit world.
There are many variations in shamanism throughout the world, though there are some beliefs that are shared by all forms of shamanism:

The spirits can play important roles in human lives.
The shaman can control and/or cooperate with the spirits for the community's benefit.
The spirits can be either good or bad.
Shamans get into a trance by singing, dancing, taking entheogens, meditating and drumming.
Animals play an important role, acting as omens and message-bearers, as well as representations of animal spirit guides.
The shaman's spirit leaves the body and enters into the supernatural world during certain tasks.
The shamans can treat illnesses or sickness.
Shamans are healers, psychics, gurus and magicians

Core Shamanism 2 Day Workshop Pune 22 & 23 Feb Protected content

This workshop is about learning the basic Shamanic Journey method, upper and lower world journeys, connecting with teachers in animal form and teachers in human form to help you gather information
and to do healing work on yourself and others. You will also learn a divination technique. This is a 2 day workshop with lots of journey practice.

Introduction to Shamanism & Core Shamanic practices….
Introduction to Shamanic Divination Methods
Introduction to Non-Ordinary Reality; using Shamanic methods to explore this hidden universe.
Methods of Shamanic Journeying to meet your personal spirit helpers and teachers in Non-Ordinary Reality.
Learning about and discovering how to work with your power animals
Receiving from and giving to another student, a personal Power animal retrieval.
Learning how to seek healing/answers/guidance for others.
Practice sessions
Creating your power song and/or power object….
Learning methods of restoring lost spiritual power and get healing through Journeying.
Ethics in Shamanic Practices

About the facilitator:
Paul Hinsberger, is an International author from the USA, Shamanic Counselor and inspiring Public Speaker, he is a very powerful Holistic Practitioner and Workshop facilitator.
A gifted psychic, medium and an intuitive tarot card reader, Paul has been on his intuitive journey in various ways from a very young age. His work is highly creative, heart centered and truly compassionate.

This is a beautiful workshop to get introduced to the practice of Shamanism, the most ancient spiritual practice known to humankind, dating back over 30,000 years.
This workshop will change your understanding of the world in a very fundamental way, and also enable you handle its daily issues better.

Who Should Attend?
Anybody looking for an accelerated spiritual growth and awakening of dormant spiritual powers.
Anybody who needs answers for daily life’s problems and questions directly without the use of an intermediary. Shamanism is well suited for those who like to work “alone”.
Healers of any modality or practice.
Therapist of any body of practice (Doctors, Reiki Practitioners, Past Life Therapists, Hypnotherapists, Psychological Counselors, Tarot or Angel Card Readers etc) will be able to integrate the practices
of divination and restoring lost spiritual power into their practices to help and heal clients.
All those who would like to attend advanced courses like Shamanic Extractions & Soul Retrievals.

Where: Tann Mann Yoga, Lane Protected content , Kalyani Nagar, Pune Protected content to Nyathi Builders Office )
When: Saturday & Sunday, Feb. 22 and 23. 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Investment : Protected content 12,000 Including lunch and refreshments

To learn more visit: Protected content

Book your place NOW by emailing Protected content or telephone: Protected content .

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