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Truly excellent driver available from early August (Pune)

We are leaving India and have a truly exceptional driver to recommend. We suffered a series of bad drivers (who seem to abound in Pune) and wish we had had Dilip for the whole time that we spent in India instead of just our last year. He is easily one of the best drivers you would find and we will be sorry to lose him.

Dilip’s driving skills are excellent and he knows Pune well. He also keeps our car very clean. As a person, he is extremely helpful, trustworthy, well-mannered and soft spoken. Apart from driving us in and around Pune, Dilip cheerfully does much of our grocery shopping as well as many other jobs like picking up forms, depositing cheques, photocopying, posting/couriering parcels, etc. - all with minimal supervision.

Unfortunately, Dilip speaks very little English. We communicate with him in Hindi. Having said that, when we did write out shopping lists and instructions in English , he had these translated and we faced no problems at all.

Dilip is paid INR 11,000 plus an annual bonus (1 month of salary). He would have been eligible to a raise in Aug. His duty hours are Mon-Sat, 8 am-7 pm. Beyond these hours, we pay him overtime and the cost of a meal. Sundays and major public holidays are off-days (although he is flexible with his holidays).

Dilip currently works in Koregaon Park but as he has a motorcycle, he may be willing to work in other areas as well.

I cannot recommend him highly enough and would love to see him go to a family who would appreciate him. If you are interested in hiring him, please email me at Protected content . Interviews can be arranged after mid-July.

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