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Uk handyman in Pune

Hi my main work here in Pune is designing unique landscapes, balconies, hotel foyers, farming and a few more. I look to develop an area to make it self suffient, easy maintenace (very easy) clutter free and enjoyable so this involves following a job from start to finish to ensure no come back later down the line.

I have just completed two projects and the next is at the end of March, so as you can see I have time on my hands and this is frustrating my wife (if you get my meaning). So if you would rather be out enjoying the pools, shops, or just having an experience in an auto and you really don't fancy spending hours putting together furniture etc, knowing you are not going to get a thank you, but a what took you so long then I am your fairy godfather. I charge Protected content per furniture item (about 24 UKP) and sorry cant do it any cheaper as I have already seen lots of the furniture here and the time it takes and your right some are easy, but that time could be spent dining and wining out and well, that is priceless.

So you are aware I have references from Pune and normally work from word of mouth, but my wife is telling me to stop getting under her feet whilst she is trying to work, so here I am.

If you wish to take advantage of this service then please let me know via Internations, email; Protected content tele; Protected content
I look forward to your calls, emails and have a wonderful stay in India

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