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With an experience of over a decade in Health and Herbal Nutrition Products, Designer Health Pvt Ltd has spent considerable time in research & survey of Herbal Nutrition Products and their benefits towards the holistic health of people.

A company formed ‘By the People, For the People’, who desire to improve own Health and help others to improve their Health. Designer Health’s passion is to enhance people’s health and wellbeing in the right way.

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Health Awareness Program
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Health Promotion Training
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Existing Range of our Amazing Products

Name of Product Benefits
Cardic Dyte Helps reduce Cholesterol and prevent atherosclerosis, thereby reducing the chances of blockage in the arteries
Helpful for Heart and Hypertension (High Blood Pressure ) patients

Cell Charger Helps in weight loss, inch loss and cellulite

Diabetic Dyte Helps for better control of Diabetes
Prevents body from damage and acts as an anti-aging agent

Eat N Gro Improves function of Liver and Digestive system
Helps in gaining weight

Fat Fuel Helps in loss of stubborn fat, shed weight and increase physical endurance

Fibre Dyte Helps give extra fullness and it irreversibly traps carbohydrates, fats, cholesterol and triglycerides

Kardic Care This capsule is designed to prevent blockages in arteries and reduce cholesterol

Kid Kare Helps improve immunity power and physical & mental growth of growing children

Kid Booster Improves immunity power of infants and helps in overcoming nutrition deficiencies, in turn helping in all-round growth

Koff Kare Not only fights cough & cold, but also cleans the whole respiratory track and strengthens the system
Also acts as a pollution fighter

Livo Care Improves hunger and simultaneously improves digestion & assimilation power of the system
A must for everybody, from infants to adults
o -Cal Dyte Designed as meal replacement diet
Helpful in weight loss

Menopouse Dyte Helps fight common problem in women and a boon for all the women!
Helps in premenopausal, menopausal and post menopausal period to overcome all the menopause related problems

Mother’s Dyte It acts as an excellent nutrition for women and the child they are conceiving if taken from the day of conceiving till the baby is fed by mother

Multty Dyte-S2 To be taken with all the diets
A perfect combination of all micro nutrients needed per day, which we do not get from our daily diet

Perfect Health Helps improve health, immunity power and keeps cholesterol levels in check

Perfect Protein Helps in bone loss, cholesterol, menopausal discomfort and other health related problems
Helps all men, women, children and elders

Post Surgical Dyte Helps in quick recovery after surgery and reduces the chances of wound infection

Zoints Dyte Boon for elderly people
Helps in rebuilding Cartilage, strengthens and promotes joint lubrication and circulation

Noni Blessings to Human beings!
Supports Immune system, Circulatory system, Metabolic system, Tissues & Cells in the Body.

Aloe Vera Excellent Tonic for Liver, Skin and for Digestive system

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