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where to get natural ingredients/products?? (Pune)


I want to make my own natural products (i.e. cleaning products, hand sanitizer, etc.), but I'm having a hard time finding the ingredients for them.

Does anyone know where I can find things like pure aloe gel, white vinegar, baking soda, 100% pure essential oils, castor oil, hydrogen peroxide, or any all-natural products (for a reasonable price)?

Would they sell these things in a health food store? Are there any online stores that carry natural products?

Update: I ended up finding most of these at a health food store and chemist, though I'm still looking for REAL vinegar (so far I've only found synthetic at the grocery) and now I also need witch hazel (hamamelis).

The health food store I found is Nature's Bounty in Koregaon Park. It's very nice has a lot (including tempeh :) but it's very far from where I live, so if anyone knows of any others (actual stores or online) please let me know!

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