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Owning a Vehicle in Qatar

Driving in Qatar is quite a challenge for most expats. The obscure traffic code as well as the heavy traffic takes some time to get used to. With the help of InterNations, you’ll learn all about road infrastructure, driver’s licenses, traffic rules, and other aspects of driving in Qatar.
Automotive insurance is compulsory for vehicle owners in Qatar.

Importing Your Car into Qatar

If you would like to import your car into Qatar with you, be prepared to pay a very high customs duty. You should also be aware that the import of cars over five years old is not permitted at all in Qatar.

Buying or Leasing a Car in Qatar

If importing your previous vehicle is too much of a hassle for you, a sensible alternative may be getting your own car. This can be done either in the form of leasing or buying. You can find many rental car companies that also lease throughout Qatar. Leasing prices are generally anywhere from 120 to 200 QAR and upwards. Be sure that the insurance which usually comes with the rental or leased car covers both you and the car itself; otherwise claims may be extremely high.

If you prefer to be the sole owner of your car, you will be surprised to find that owning a car in Qatar is relatively inexpensive. This is because cars are imported duty free and if one considers the oil price, the cost for driving it is also relatively low. There are many car dealerships, especially in Doha, which offer anything from a used budget car to a brand new luxury SUV. Be sure to negotiate for a discount and look out for promotional sales.

Car Insurance and Registration in Qatar

Having automotive insurance in Qatar is compulsory. All insurance providers must offer the Unified Motor Policy, which combines both the third party and full comprehensive insurance policies. Your vehicle is insured for a minimum of 12 months at a time, after which another inspection is necessary for older cars. Be aware that car insurance in Qatar does not insure the driver, only the car. Many insurance companies offer extra policies to insure passengers and family members.

Registering your new car should be no problem, as most car dealerships take care of this step for you. You will receive a card that certifies purchase, ownership, and insurance. Be sure to carry this card with you at all times, as it acts as a sort of road permit. If you buy a used car, especially from an individual, you will need to register your car at the Ministry of Interior’s Traffic Department. You need to bring proof of purchase, your ID, the filled out registration form (in Arabic), your insurance document, and pay the fee. Be sure to renew your auto registration every year at the Traffic Department.

If you buy a used car in Qatar that is over three years old, a Technical Inspection Report must be carried out by the Technical Inspection Unit in Doha. Only if your car passes the inspection can you get an insurance policy.


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