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Albatross payments (Quito)

Dear members,

Some people have been having trouble upgrading their membership. Valentina in the InterNations head office has kindly answered some of your questions:

1. Protected content only thing to be paid for at an event is the cover charge – in cash. Membership upgrades are to be done online via credit card payment until further notice.

2. Protected content you would like to have a receipt for your membership upgrade, please download the invoice you receive after your upgrade. This can be done under “My Account” -> “Invoices” -> “Download invoice as a PDF file”

3. InterNations is currently working on a new payment system, which should hopefully be put into effect by the end of this year. This enables members to upgrade online not only with a credit card, but via other methods as well.

4. If your credit card is rejected you will receive an error message. Please contact Protected content and hopefully they can be of assistance.

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