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American Football anyone? Need 7 more (Quito)


Since its getting close to that time of year again, I was hoping there would be some people interested in a nice game of two-hand touch football? This means no tackling, a player is considered down when the opponent touches him/her with two hands at the same time. The play is dead and the ball is placed at that point.

Two groups of 4 are needed(at the bare minimum): Quarterback, 2 recievers, and one blocker/running back.

Two completions equates to a 1st down.

There are two ways that we can play, one is by the hour mark, at the end of one hour the team that is ahead wins. Or we can do up to X touchdowns and the first team to reach that mark wins.

So what do you guys think? Im in! So I need 7 more people, or more if you wanted to make the teams bigger. Both sides need the same amount of players.

The field would be in Carolina park. And it should be on a Saturday in the late morning or early afternoon.

Its GREAT exercise. Its REALLY fun! And a little friendly competition is always good.

So who is in? Lets do this, guys and girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Contact me and lets set it up!

I hope we can get this done.


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