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Correos de Ecuador problems (Quito)

Hello everyone,
TLDR: How do I get my over-4-kilo boxes that are stuck in customs? Any tips from expats who have faced similar problems with Correos de Ecuador?

Full version: I am moving to Ecuador with my baby soon, and I shipped two boxes from Mexico that weigh a bit over 4 kilos. I Facebook-messaged Correos de Ecuador (the only way I could get through to them!) and they informed me that because of the contents, either the boxes had to return to their country of origin or I had to get a special permit from INEN (they in turn told me I needed to pay Protected content for a certificate per box, ridiculous!) Has anyone successfully managed to eschew these requirements, for instance declaring that the items are not for sale and/or paying an oversize fee?

I would really appreciate any advice! We're not in Mexico anymore, so all that stuff would pretty much be lost. (Unless we can redirect them to the US???) Sigh. Such are the problems of the nomad lifestyle :(

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