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Expat Relocation - Neighborhood Advice (Quito)

Hi all.

Am looking for some advice on neighborhoods in Quito. I currently live in Panama City, Panama working for an international NGO and am considering relocating to Quito in January/February to be closer to my finace.

I am looking at neighborhoods and trying to narrow down some options. If I relocate, I would be home-based that makes the neighborhood/apartment selection all the more crucial. I have visited Quito several times, but never through the lens of thinking neighborhoods to live in. So I turn to you.

Preferences: expat friendly, but diverse and eclectic so that I feel like i am in Ecuador; good internet connectivity and reliable services such as electricity etc; walkable to stores, cafes, restaurants, bars, movies, yoga, gyms, parks etc; but that accessibility balanced with quiet in the evenings in terms of street noise and not living in a converted frat neighborhood; dog friendly; easy commute to current/new airport and relative ease to get a taxi to/from that neighborhood; nice views of the mountains/valleys; old/new building balance so there is some personality.

Also interested in your thoughts of Quito versus Cumbaya/Tumbaco.


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