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Expensive Items Outside of US (Quito)

Hi Expats in Ecuador (Quito),

I am heading out of the US in 13 days, to move to Quito. As I will be making peanuts for a salary I will barely be able to cover my cost of living and have extra cash. I will be making about $400 a month (Any comments on how far this will go, positive please, would be greatly appreciated as well).

I know that some things that may be cheap or easy to come by in the US, may present more expense or difficulty in Ecuador/Quito. Does anyone have any knowledge, of things a person may need/use regularly that would be hard to find in Ecuador?

- hygiene products/feminine hygiene
- clothes/ undergarments
- American foods

Any small thing you have found, and any information would be more than appreciated! Thank you!


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