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Female dog is looking for a family (Quito)

Beautiful abandoned female dog in the Metropolitan Park North of Quito is looking for a home with lots of love. We´ve temporarily called her Siska and she likes it.
The vet says she is about a year and a half, that she’s a little skinny but in good conditions. She has already been dewormed and treated at the vet.
She’s very quiet and is a good girl. Siska has been in our apartment this week, but she needs adequate space and especially spending time with people and/or other animals. She likes to go walking or jogging and loves to be with people. She’s very polite and educated.
If you have room, and you love animals, please adopt her and take her with you, we are sure she will love you very much. She’s just adorable and you'll be getting a treasure. If you are interested or know someone who might be interested please let me know by internal message to coordinate. I can send some of photos of her too.
Thanks in advance

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