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First Spanish Book Club First Meeting Oct. 17! (Quito)

Welcome- book, discussion, and language lovers!! This Spanish book club will be an excellent way to meet new people, improve your vocabulary, reading, and speaking skills in Spanish (particularly to bring them to a more advanced level), and have interesting discussions about a thought-provoking book we choose as a group :-)
This will be an introductory meeting in which we decide on a book to read as a group, a venue/meeting location of preference, schedule, hours, etc. I would like everyone to vote on things so that we are having as much fun as possible while learning Spanish at the same time! I welcome native and non-native speakers alike, as all will bring something to the table (or the book, I should say). I recommend bringing a notebook if you like to record words and take "notes." Also feel free to bring a snack to share. The only rule is that English is NOT allowed, except for quick vocabulary translation. All reading and book discussion will be in Spanish!!

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