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Looking for your best Ecuador Pictures (Quito)

Help a brother out folks! I'm on a scavenger hunt for pictures of Ecuador. Pretty much if it's in the country, I'm looking for it. Got a favorite city? Have a favorite spot in Cuenca? Been wandering around Loja on a bright day, Been to a surf competition on the coast? Catch a monkey in mid leap in the jungle?

Let me know if you do and I will see if I can use them in the next edition of the Moon Travel Guide for Ecuador.

I'm going through the process of the first review of the guide and am under the gun to layout the pictures. The guidelines sort of changed mid way through so I need more people's contributions.

Anything that gets used will be given a photo credit in the guide as the person or place that created them.

If you help me to spread the word it will bring you good travel karma and the luck of the Irish on St. Paddy's Day! People can contact me through this page or by email, Protected content .

More info through the FB page, carrier bird, smoke signals, beating drums and so forth.

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