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Can I be evicted for smoking cigarettes? (Rabat)

About two months ago I moved into a very nice private room with a private bath in a home in the medina of Rabat. I live on the first floor and share a kitchen with two other tenants on my floor. My landlady and her family live on the ground floor. She keeps complaining that my cigarette smoke bothers her and she has threatened to evict me because of it. I only smoke in my room and I keep the door closed. I have never smoked anywhere else in the house. I do not understand how my smoking can be bothering her. Can she evict me for this? I have a three-month lease which expires on July 3; however, the family is going to Marrakesh for the month of June so I cannot stay here that month. The landlady has extended my lease until August 3 due to this.. I really like living here and I do not know if I should look for another place or renew the lease in August. Can anyone give me some advice on this?

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