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Failed attempt to repatriate (Rabat)

Hello, everyone,
I've been an expat (Mexico and Uruguay) for the past six years. I had to return to Tampa, Florida due to family and property issues. I convinced myself to give Tampa one more try, since my son, some other relatives and long-time friends are here, but the attempt has failed.

By a fluke Rabat came to my attention and I'm exploring the possibility of living there. I speak, read and write English, Spanish and French, and language is a passion of mine. Also, I require diversity and I understand that Rabat has inhabitants from all over the world. I have a number of questions about practical issues such as the cost of living (I live very simply by American standards), the reliability of Internet service (I interpret using a Vonage phone for a company in Oregon), etc. From my reading it seems that there is a thriving expat community in Rabat. I play the djembe, and would love to find a drumming group.

Any and all help will be greatly appreciate.


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